Das Licht und die Dunkelheit in uns

Im heutigen Blogbeitrag möchte ich gar nicht so viel selber schreiben, sondern einfach zwei Beiträge für sich sprechen lassen, die, meiner Meinung nach, sehr gut zum Ausdruck bringen warum man sich in den Kampfkünsten mit Gewalt auseinander setzt.
Gut und Böse existieren in jedem von uns und ich muss mir der dunklen Seite in mir immer bewusst sein, damit ich mich für die gute Seite entscheiden kann, denn nur dann habe ich die Wahl. Kenne ich die Dunkelheit in mir nicht, dann kann sie mich plötzlich überraschen und die Kontrolle übernehmen. Wenn ich nicht weiß dass es zwei Wölfe in mir gibt, oder mir das nicht eingestehen möchte, dann habe ich keine Wahl mich für einen bewusst zu entscheiden.
Das Gute entsteht aus dem Bösen und das Böse aus dem Guten.

Beides gehört zusammen und nur wenn ich das erkenne habe ich die Wahl mich BEWUSST zu entscheiden welchen Wolf ich füttern möchte…

Jordan Peterson ist ein klinischer Psychologe, der lange in Harvard gelehrt hat und heute in Toronto lebt:

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You have to embrace the monster within!

Nigel February
ist der Gründer des Piper Systems, einem Messersystem das man gefühlt haben muss:

Befriending the darkness

I will make this real simple to grasp since being an academic doesn’t help anyone learning to defend themselves.

When we train with knives it’s for the sole purpose to survive an ambush and not a knife fight, right?

Only problem is that to survive an ambush, we must study the ambush and that can only occur from a criminal’s perspective. The martial arts isn’t set up that way, and for good reason. (more on that later) An ambush requires a different set of skill sets and mindset. It’s the mindset most people find very daunting since it requires you to preempt and attack first. Traits not normally associated with being a good guy. Simple enough so far.

The problem sets in when you start to realise that in order to look at a bladed ambush (within an asocial civilian context), you will have to ‚become‘ the criminal for the duration of this study. Something that those on this page might need to realise, since that’s your first 10 lessons in Piper. You are the bad guy. Your training partner, or uke, is your victim.

That’s how you will start to ‚get‘ this initial concept.

Moving on, you will feel certain emotions, when you develop your stab and this is due to the reverse grip being employed. The reason for this isn’t just a regional grip of choice, it’s also because reverse grip unlocks your primal predatory mindset, a gross motor skill grip if you will. Your posture automatically changes, just like a wild predator in nature changes its posture in preparation for the hunt. Sabre grip is seen as a fine motor skill used in surgery, cooking and if it’s used in bladed combat, actually has to be properly trained.

You can study the ambush with either grip, depending on how the most common knife attacks occur in your region of the world.

Remember, only criminals tend to attack people unprovoked, and if those that are doing the attacking aren’t criminals , it will become a criminal act once they complete the motion. This isn’t a samurai movie where the hero walks off into the sunset. Knives, in modern day societies, are seen as the primary weapon of criminals. So the main part of studying the ambush is realising that your actions has dire consequences, which separates us from a criminal since he perceives these consequences to be a mere inconvenience.

Some are trying to understand this from a mere academic standpoint but that’s the equivalent of detecting an earthquake 40sec before it happens. Where can you go and how far? You will still get hit. Prior knowledge without immediate action is useless.

This is instinctual, which manifests itself physically, first. Train for the threat by becoming the threat. You will realise that posture plays an important role in all this. That’s your first key. Once the posture changes, the body is ready to ambush. Even if they are hiding a blade in sabre grip the tell-tale signs of the posture is a dead giveaway…….which leads us to the title of this post. Befriending the darkness

Becoming the criminal allows you, just for that brief moment, a worldview of a sociopath. You become that darkness we were encouraged to lock away deep down inside our psyche. This darkness is what commits murder, abuse, and other despicable acts. The things ‚bad‘ people are associated with. You see the world of all action and no consequence…..and you know the psychological and physiological changes now required to live that brief simulation.

This is why Piper doesn’t advertise knife defences, because most people don’t even realise the level of evil and intent coming at them, and are thus digressing in mindset from neutral to defensive which is a total loss of initial posture.

Befriending that darkness inside you means to at least know that it has a place and purpose and in this case, that purpose will allow you to see and feel it in others before they can illicit an ambush.
Stay sharp!

Erst wenn ich mir eingestehe zu was ich alles in der Lage bin, habe ich die Freiheit mich zu entscheiden!

Freiheit und Frieden entstehen aus meinem Mut zur Wahrheit…